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We have two special events coming up at our church.  Both of these events will need lots of helping hands to make them run smoothly. What better way to get to know the new folks who will soon be part of our church family than to serve with them. Hope to see you there!

  1. May 28th - BBQ ~~ Bethel/NLCC is hosting a BBQ to welcome everyone who has expressed interest in joining this new campus when it starts up.  This BBQ is a chance for us Bethel-ers to show new people around the building, get to know them, and share a simple meal together.  If you have lots of memories of our beloved church and would like to share with others, please let Corinne know in the office. or 604-856-8454 ext 2. 
  2. July 4-8 -MOVE CAMP ~~ NLCC will be hosting a kids camp at Bethel for kids finishing kindergarten to grade 5.  They will need lots of volunteers to make this a success as they are expecting about 150 kids.  The camp runs Mon-Fri 1pm-3:45pm.  To sign up to serve, please visit the following link.   Serve | MOVE Camp | NLCC (