Dear Bethel Families,  

Below is financial summary of how Bethel is doing until the end of April. You will see that we are about $10,000 below in our non-designated giving.  This gap continues to rise each month so we would encourage families to help us make up this gap as we move forward into the summer months.  

We currently have just over $10,000 given to the designated $20,000 Budget Deficit Shortfall that we approved at our AGM (on the condition that we could get enough pledges).  

We did meet our pledge target, and the money being received for this budget area is on target.   While we are showing a budget balance of $12,849, this is predominantly because we have been able to keep our expenses down, particularly in Household. and because families have submitted just over $10,000 of their pledges to support our deficit budget.  

Keep an eye on the non-designated donations when the financial reports are sent to you.  This is what fuels the operations of the church and we are just over $10,000 down in our giving at the end of April.  

On behalf of the Bethel Finance Committee, we are so grateful for your sacrificial giving during the Covid Pandemic.  We know it would be very easy to withdraw but your vision for the future beyond Covid is admirable.    

May God richly bless you, strengthen you, and provide you with His Peace as you consider how you can support Bethel.  It won't be long before we can all meet in person soon!  

   Ian Jarvie