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Today we are getting to know Tasha, the Chair of our Worship Committee!
What do you love about Bethel?
The first thing that drew me to Bethel was the people. It really feels like a family! We aren't perfect but we love and support each other through everything.
Why are you serving on the Worship Committee?
I feel that God has called me to use my life to lead His people in worship, and that He has equipped me with the gifts to do so. It is a joy for me to able to combine this with my love of music!
Where do you see God working in your life?
I saw God in huge ways through the birth of my son, Jakob, last December. It felt impossible for me to deny the incredible work of our Creator God through the miracle of life! It also solidified for me the idea that God has a perfect plan and that we need to release our own attempts to do things our way. The timing of Jakob's arrival was so perfect - even though I NEVER would have chosen it myself - in giving us a sense of hope and joy through the hardships of 2020.
What is your favourite meal?
Watermelon with rollkuchen!!! Yes, that is an entire meal!