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 As clean-up continues in the flood damaged communities in BC, you may be wanting to help out in some way. Here are a few ways we can help show Christ’s love for those impacted by the floods: 

1.            Prayer.  It is no small thing when we ask God to intervene on behalf of those stranded, suffering, or experiencing uncertainty around their future.  Please be in prayer for those affected as often as they come to mind.

2.            Donate money through the Salvation Army - Abbotsford.  The Kingdom of God is larger than one church or one denomination and we want to support what God is doing through them in this time.  You can see more details at Donate – Salvation Army Centre of Hope

3.           Help or donate money for Princeton - MDS Canada (Mennonite Disaster Service) is looking for volunteers to serve for a week at a time in Princeton, BC Volunteers will be mucking out flooded homes. MDS volunteers will be staying at RockRidge Canyon, where meals and accommodations will be provided.  For more information or to donate or sign up please go to MDS Canada calling for volunteers to help with B.C. flood clean-up – Mennonite Disaster Service  

Thank you for wanting to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we seek to make a difference in the face of so much suffering and loss.