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Dear Bethel Family,

We write to you trusting that this finds all of you in good health and much peace during these extraordinary times around the world. Pat’s business got somewhat affected and our ministry have slowed down and our plans of moving back got delay as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, we are doing well and thanks God for His protection and providence.

The lock down in Thailand has started in mid-March. It supposed to be one month, but it has been extended until this end of this month. The government has eased things up, but many things are still closed. To date, Thailand has had more than 3,000 confirmed cases, more 2,700 people has recovered from the illness. and 55 deaths.

In addition to the immediate health threats, the pandemic has also shown that there are greater socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 that are a threat to the world's most vulnerable communities. The pandemic has already affected many lives in the families and communities in Isaan land. Many of them are losing their jobs and business (mostly are very small). Since they are living day to day and depend on a daily incomes, with very little government assistance and social safety nets. Now they are struggling to meet their most basic needs, such as buying food to continue raising and sustaining families and basic school
supplies to send their children to school.

As a church, we are taking this important opportunity to reach out and share God’s love by putting together and arranging small care package for vulnerable community members who are struggling. We realize that we are limited with resources, and are seeking support from our mission partner churches and individuals to support this initiative.

Here are details of Care Package:
Our main goal is to be able to support up to 200 families in surrounding villages who have great need with food care packages. Each package will include $20 worth of grocery staples including:
5 kg of rice
30 eggs
1 bottle of fish sauce
2 bottle of cooking oil
1 kg of sugar
2 packs of Tuna
2 packs of instant noodle

We have an additional goal to support up to 60 school children in these families who are in need with a kit of basic school supplies. Each of these kits would cost $35.

Your donation could help to support some of the most vulnerable local community members who are impacted by COVID-19 with these basic, critical supplies.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the request. May God continue to richly bless you as we all support one another through these challenging times.

With much love and prayers and together serving Christ,
Rad and Pat

Dear Bethel Family,
If you want to help Pat & Rad with this project you can do so by donating funds to Bethel Mennonite Church. Please designate the donation to Deacon Fund – Thailand Hampers.
Please note that Bethel has already responded to Pat & Rad’s request by sending funds from the
Deacon’s account.
Linda Hoock