Dear Bethel Members,

There was celebration of grateful hearts when on April 24th we at NLCC learned that Bethel members had decided in favour of joining NLCC.  Thank you!  We recognize this decision was the culmination of much prayer and heart searching as you considered the best way forward for Bethel.  Please know we are excited and look forward to serving our Lord Jesus Christ together with you.

We, as the NLCC Elders Board, are committed to investing in the success of this new campus ministering to the North Otter and Aldergrove communities.  Thank you for donating your building and property to this joint venture.  This is a gift made possible by many years of faithful stewardship.  It was more than we could have imagined as we began plans towards establishing a third campus.

Thank you for embracing pastor Kevin as your lead campus pastor. His heart is for you and for the continuation of a strong Christian presence and witness in your community.  NLCC members are excited about joining together with you in order to achieve those ends.

The coming months will be a time of transition.  We can anticipate some ups and downs as we work out the details of establishing this new campus.  However, as our hearts are set on serving the Lord Jesus and honouring and loving one another, we can be conficent of his continued presence and leading.

Once again, thank you.

Love in Christ,

Your NLCC Elders Board

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