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This week the BC Government removed all restrictions on worship services, which is excellent news!  It’s not quite back to normal yet, but it’s very nearly there.  That being said, life will look different than we remember so it will be important for us to have grace for each other.  Over the summer we want to focus on relationships and being together in God’s presence, and we invite you to join us in a wonderfully simple (and simply wonderful) summer together in different ways!  

It will be a process coming out of COVID for us as a church and also as individuals.  We are still working out all the details, but here are a few important things to know for right now:  

1.      The government has removed all restrictions from worship services but has given some guidelines.  For example, it is recommended (but not required) that everyone 12 years old and up who have not been fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask.  We will adhere to this same standard of “recommending but not requiring” masks for those not yet fully vaccinated as we return in a lovingly cautious way!

2.      For those eager to be together, we welcome you back to the building on July 4th!  There is a “Bring Your Own Coffee” time at 9:30 AM and a watch party at 10 AM.  This allows us to connect with each other, but we won’t have a full service.  Instead, we will simply be playing the worship set and sermon video from this week.

3.      Our first full in-person worship service will be on July 11th at 10 AM!   (*Note the time change)

4.      It will be a process for us to return, and everyone has different comfort levels.  This is totally fine, and we want to ensure everyone feels welcome!  To help accommodate this, the sanctuary will be divided into two halves:

a.      For those who are feeling comfortable being next to people, with singing, even with handshakes and closer distance, take your seat in the “Comfortable” Section.

b.      For those who would, for any reason, rather keep distance, perhaps not sing, and not have someone offering to shake hands, please head to the “Cautious” section.

5.      Over the summer, we will have “Bring Your Own Coffee” time in the lobby at 9:30 AM.  Bring a coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) and come catch up with everyone you haven’t seen for so long!  We have some seats set up in the lobby, but would love to hear from you if you can help us get more and better seating arranged!    

If you would like more information about the restart plan, click the link following:

BC's Restart: A plan to bring us back together - Province of British Columbia (