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 Dear Bethel Family,

If you have joined a service over the past month, whether in person or watched the video online afterwards, you will know that we’ve been reading the account of Lazarus’ resurrection in John 11 each week.  It’s an amazing story, one that you may be familiar with, and one that I believe is a key passage for Bethel in this season.

As I have read and re-read John 11 over the past month, different things keep popping out to me.  (It’s almost as though the Word of God were living and active…)  If you’ve not read John 11 lately, I would encourage you to take a break from the newsletter and read it now.  I’ll even pause here and give you a moment if you’d like.

Ready to continue?

John 11 brings out some questions that are essential questions in this season for us as a church.  Please take some time to pray through these questions now, particularly in advance of our congregational meetings on November 14th and 21st as we seek to discern what God is saying to us and how we can respond.

1.    Do we understand who Jesus is?  The people in John 11 knew Jesus as a Teacher, as Lord, and even as Messiah, but didn’t grasp that Jesus was also the Resurrection and the Life.  In this season at Bethel, how is Jesus inviting us into a better understanding of who He is?

2.    Do we know what Jesus wants to do at Bethel?  In John 11, nobody seemed to understand that Jesus was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, even though he was dropping hints all along the way (v. 4, 11, 25). What hints is Jesus giving us about what he wants to do in our lives and in our church?

3.    Do we as individuals and as a church believe that Jesus can do what Jesus wants to do?  Throughout John 11, Jesus invites people to believe (v. 4, 14, 25, 40) before the resurrection of Lazarus happens.  Do we believe that Jesus can do amazing things in our lives and in our church, even before we see them?

I believe that this is an extremely important season for us as we prayerfully seek how God is leading our church.  Please join us in prayer, confident in the fact that where there is Jesus, there is hope.

Pastor Jon 

 Church Happenings

Men's Encouragement Group A new men’s group has started up at Bethel. They meet the first Saturday of each month at 10am in the church lobby. It’s a time to share updates about your lives (mental health, faith, relationships, whatever people want to share about), encourage each other and pray. Open to men of all ages.

Celebration Sunday – October 3 We celebrated all our joys together at the Oct 3rd service and followed it up with a potluck lunch to continue the joy. There were three child dedications at the service: Jakob Manning Nickel, Edison Grant Zibin and Natasha Alice Zibin.

As well, Mike and Janna Murie re-did their wedding vows. It was a lovely service.

 Here are some of the other celebrations that were sent in for a slide presentation.

†  Katie & Albert Wiebe have a new grandson - Ezra James Abram Kunze. Katie's daughter, Ashley, and son-in-law, Joey, had a baby boy on Sept 8th, which makes Katie a GRAMMA!  Congratulations to the family in this happy, joyous time!

†  Bethel Family Days throughout the Summer – There were a number of get togethers this summer and we captured some of the moments. 

 †  Ken Pearson: January 19, 2021 marked the 10th anniversary of receiving a kidney transplant from his sister Susan. Praise God for renewed life!

†  Emma Janzen has a new great-grandchild. Her son Sam's daughter, April, just gave birth to her third child. Congratulations to the Janzen family!

†  Dan Warkentin and Aleah Scanlan got engaged on July 2nd. 

†  Dan and Aleah were asked to be God Parents to Aleah’s cousin’s baby. 

†  Hanna joins her husband, Fiseha Berhe in Canada! In March, 2016 Bethel sponsored the Berhe family to come to Canada.  Their oldest son, Fiseha, had recently been married and had to leave his bride, Hanna, in the refugee camp.   Because of some complications, it seemed that there was not much hope that Hanna would ever be allowed to join Fiseha in Canada.  However, after 5 years, Hanna was able to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident on January 31, 2021.  It’s hard to describe how much joy this brought to many of us who have come to know and love the Berhe family.

†  Matt and Eva Horst celebrated 50 years together! The wedding photo is from Dortmund, Germany on Sept 25, 1971 

†  Les & Anne Klassen celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary! ”In the last week of August this year, Anne and I celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary.  It was special for us and our family. The kids arrived at our home early that morning, told us to go upstairs and stay there until we were told otherwise. Then they went to work, decorating...balloons, banners, pictures and all kinds of great stuff.  It looked great. When all was said and done, they took over the kitchen and created a super dinner for all of us.  What a day.  It was a special way for all of us to celebrate together, one we won’t soon forget.”

†  Audrey Epp and Mark Holmlund got married on May 22, 2021 

Giving for September 2021:  $13,450.25

Giving for October 2021:  $22,971.00

Financial Update Please review the latest Bethel Financial Report covering Jan-Sept 2021 (below). You will notice a $37K deficit in our Non-designated giving. Bethel families however have given $18,316 towards the Non-designated Deficit budget.  We only require about $1,700 more to successfully match our budget projection. 

The larger deficit of $37K in our Non-designated giving is becoming a great concern though.  We now only have three and a half months to make up this deficit in order to meet our budget.  Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to give to help us meet our budget commitment for 2021. 

We recognize the sacrifices all of our Bethel families are making during this irregular Covid year and we appreciate your continued support for the ministry work that Bethel is still able to do.

All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God  Deut 28:2

Blessings, Ian Jarvie, Bethel Finance Committee Chair 

Church Work Day – Oct 23 The call for volunteers went out for a church work day on October 23rd. Projects we hoped to have done included:

o   Equipment storage room in the gym – clean & organize

o   Tables downstairs hallway – put into downstairs storage room

o   Close opening to attic in sound booth

o   Install wireless buzzer on GLA side

o   Power wash sidewalks o   Clean roof drains (if it's not pouring)

o   Repair the hole in the wall beside the new fire panel. 

THANK YOU to everyone who worked and provided refreshments that Saturday.  With the help of 12 people:

o   The roof drains were cleaned

o   The gym storage room was cleaned and organized

o   Trees were pruned

o   The front entry wall was fixed

o   And the refreshments were delicious. 

Baptism Service Soon We will be having a baptism service soon so if you have been thinking about it, please contact Pastor Jon to discuss.  604-856-8454 ext 4 or  

Kids Event – Oct 31   Bethel once again hosted kids of all ages on October 31st. We had hot dogs and hot chocolate for all ages. The kids in costumes also received loads of candy sent shooting down to them through our extra exciting treat tubes. 

 Past & Upcoming Sermons

Oct 3 Celebration Sunday

Oct 10 Thanksgiving – Hope, Joy, Love & Peace

Oct 17 The Way Ahead – Part 1

Oct 24 The Way Ahead – Part 2

Oct 31 The Way Ahead – Part 3

Nov 7 The Way Ahead – Part 4

Nov 14 The Way Ahead – Part 5 - Congregational Meeting 1

Nov 21 Memorial Sunday - Congregational Meeting 2

Nov 28 First Sunday of Advent 

 Prayer Requests

-Please pray for Greg Zibin, who became seriously ill with seizures and was taken to hospital on November 2.  He has been sedated and intubated for a week as the doctors work to determine what is wrong and figure out a course of treatment.  Please pray for healing for Greg and for peace and strength for his family.

-  Emma Janzen is HOME from the hospital and would love to hear from you. She can take phone calls and even short visits.  604-534-5058

-  Pastor Sergio has asked Bethel to pray that more students will register for the bible college that Sergio and Martha lead.  

- Please pray for Cindy, an acquaintance of Kim Massa, who was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Please pray for healing and that Cindy would believe in Jesus. 

- Please pray for our church as we look for volunteers for the various tasks needed to run a church service each week.  We are looking for willing people to volunteer as:  

>Greeter/Counter (greet newcomers, count the donations)  

>Sound Tech (run all the microphones/speakers)  

>LCD Tech (put the songs on the screen)  

>Worship Leader

- Please continue to pray for Leni Epp, and if you wish, she is able to take calls.