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It has been more than three months since we came back to BC.  The churches are doing well and people are coming to know Christ and experience Hope and Healing.  We thank God for the technology that we have now so we can discuss about the ministries, mentoring, encouraging and praying with our team in Thailand regularly each week.     

Christmas time is the best opportunity for our church to do outreach in the communities and villages. People love to celebrate even though they don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas. So this year we plan to celebrate in five villages   

  > Dec 19th our Living Water Church and Compassion ministry will celebrating in Borabu town and we expext more than 200 people to join.   

  > Dec 24 will be in our new Sipruppa Church in Rou Et village and we expexting over 100 people there. 

  > Dec 25 will be in Nong Xeng Village where we have a big group of our Compassion children living there and we are also expecting 100 people to join.   

  > Dec 26 will be in Sengaroun Church in Rou Et and there we expect another 100 people  

  > Dec 28th will be in Nong tou village and we are expecting 50 to 60 people. 

Please remember our staff worship team as they prepare their hearts and minds to go out into these villages and share God’s love among non-believers.   

In spite of their busy schedule there is unexpected news happening at the same time.  This past Saturday one of our young members, 25 years old, was driven home from work by motorcycle and on the way home she got killed by a car whose driver was drunk. It was very hard for her family and our staff and team workers have to do special funeral services.  Please be praying for them as they prepare and work together as a team   

Today, Dec 14th, we received news from one of our members that her Mom is dying in the hospital due to her illness and she request to have her Mom’s funeral service in the church, so is a bit overwhelming for our staff and our church in Borabu.   

One of our key leaders, grandpa Nah, 93 years old, is in hospital now and is expecting his last day soon.  The family plan to bring his body and do the funeral at the church as well.   

It’s overwhelming news for all of us now to deal with so many happenings in the same times.  We ask the church to join us in prayers for our workers in Thailand as they prepare to do all these big events. 

Thank you so much for being part of Thailand ministries.  Through your love, prayers and support many have turned their hearts to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  

Have a blessed Christmas

  Pat and Rad