The Merger was Approved!
So what's next?

We are working hard to determine next steps and want to get that information out as soon as possible!  There are a few ways to stay informed:


1. Keep an eye on this website for changes

2. Sign up for the Bethel Newlsetter at the bottom of this page

3. Sign up for the NLCC - Aldergrove Campus Newsletter by clicking here

Results from the April 24, 2022 Merger Vote

Please be in prayer for Bethel as our church steps into this exciting new season.

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FAQs Following the Vote

We will add answers to your questions as we collect them.

Q:  When will the merger take place? When will the first official Sunday service be?

A:  As per Pastor Kevin's letter, The merger will officially happen on July 1. Some facility maintenance will be done over the summer and into fall.  We have October 9, Thanksgiving Sunday, targeted as our Aldergrove Campus launch date! Click Here to read the whole letter  


Q: How long will Bethel be able to process the donations and give a receipt for income tax purposes. When will the name change take place and when will the new name be announced  and how should donations then  be addressed.