Thanks for stopping by!

We're glad you're here!  Naturally, you're probably reading this because you have a few questions about our church family.  Here are the answers to a few of our common questions, but if you have others please feel free to e-mail us and we'll get back to you!


What do you do on Sundays?

We meet at 10:30 AM for our weekly worship service.  We start with a few songs, share a few details about what is going on in our church family, listen to a sermon for about 30 minutes, sing a couple more songs, and then spend time talking with people!


What should I wear?

We have the full range here!  You could come in jeans and a T-shirt or a full suit and tie and you'd see someone like you.  On the whole, we are a casually dressed group of people so please don't worry too much about what you wear.


Is there something for kids?

For sure!  The kids stay with us until the end of the singing (usually about a half hour or so) and then head out to a special program just for them.  Kindergarden to grade four have weekly classes while grade five and up have youth church every other week.  Wondering which week youth church is on?  Call or e-mail us and we can let you know!


Is the service on Sunday morning the only thing that happens?

Definitely not!  We have different things going on during the week.  Click here to see some of the other things happening.


Hey, my question isn't answered here!

Let's get you an answer!  Please give us a call or e-mail us and we'll be happy to answer any other questions you have.